Capital, Network & Intelligence

Our model has been designed with hundreds of entrepreneurs to bring you precisely what you need along your growth journey.

Our model

We teamed up with serial entrepreneurs, whom you will meet as part of our investment process. We’ll swiftly leverage our network of seasoned entrepreneurs, experts and potential partners, and tailor these introductions around your business. Once we’ve invested, you have access to our magic power.

Magic Power

Team up with people who were in your shoes

We have built something quite unique with The Galion Project. They all founded fast-growing ventures that raised at least €3m. 41% of them now lead teams of over 100 people.

Facing a challenge? They’ve been there before. They can tap into their industry network. They can unlock your next few steps and guide you. Partnering with us will save you a lot of time.

Tailored Workshops

Workshops and training, tailored for the inevitable challenges of early-stage startups (hiring, branding, growth, pricing, sales processes, etc.) or your current needs.

Vetted Playbooks

Tools, lists of vetted service providers and other investors, frameworks and benchmarks co-produced and tested by dozens of entrepreneurs to save you precious time. We can even investigate company-building topics for you.

Community Meetups

100+ community-driven events per year to meet your peers, to build strong ties, get inspired and discover things you might not even have thought about.


We usually invest €750k-€2m checks in €1m-€4m rounds in young tech startups building the next big thing at Seed stage. We invest in what shapes our cities today and tomorrow: intelligence, network and sustainability.

We’re eager
to hear from you…

If you are building smart tools that assist, automise, prejudice or generate original content...

If you are building a platform that connects apps or helps data flow...

If you are building a solution that improves health and well-being, people, or improves our environment...

(You can also surprise us.)

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Writing history together.

We support ambitious, daring, and collaborative entrepreneurs who are building moonshot companies that will have a significant impact on societies and people’s lives. They can make a difference and we are here to help them achieve their dreams.

Learn. Grow. Share.

Entrepreneurship is about learning as fast as possible and making it a reality. These actions will result in growth, therefore in value creation. Both learning and value should be shared.

Trust yourself. Trust others.

We believe in following one’s convictions as a guide for actions. This is key in our environment of uncertainty. We also believe in listening to others and being open to cooperation as a default state.

Make it beautiful. Make it right.

Value creation is not the end in itself. Action is nothing without virtues, and we believe beauty and justice should guide action for their sake.

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