Astran combines the power of the cloud with data privacy, in a keyless manner. Think of Snowflake for sensible data.

How would you best describe your company/business in a few words?
Astran combines the power of the cloud with data privacy, in a keyless manner. Think of Snowflake for sensible data.

Can you briefly introduce the team?

Yosra Jarraya, CEO: background as a business lawyer. Attended MIT to learn about business applications related to blockchain, before founding Astran. Never yield in the face of adversity

Gilles Seghaier, CTO: 11+ years of experience as an ENG with US software companies. Built the initial architecture of the product. Builder, championing creative and unorthodox ideas.

Yahya Jarraya, CRO: has over 15 years of experience in software sales. He is responsible for customers at Astran. High social skill and a great expert in data in all its forms.

Can you elaborate on what you do? 

Astran has built an alternative method based on fragmentation to traditional encryption methods. Their product allows businesses to use their preferred cloud solutions while ensuring their data remains secure and confidential. Astran effectively balances the benefits of cloud computing with robust data protection

Why does your solution matter? And why today? 

Unlock the value of data for the future. As long as the data are siloed for security and confidentiality reasons, companies fail to leverage their full capacity.

Today is the moment: (a) regulation is way tighter, (b) cyberattacks are everywhere and are costly to companies, and (c) it is now feasible to achieve high performances while protecting data, thanks to fragmentation. This is further enabled by the enhanced power of modern cloud solutions

Can you tell me where the idea came from?

The idea was to apply decentralization to data and cryptography. The US agency National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is currently preparing the standardization of this new technology called threshold cryptography

Can you mention a couple of clients and how they are using your product?

Among others: Eiffage and Sanofi. They are using Astran products to secure applications that contain sensitive data. Other customers in the public sector are using Astran to accelerate their use of Salesforce, while keeping their data confidential. 

Can you tell me about some achievements and challenges your’re meeting?

We filed for CSPN certification from the French authority ANSSI. They are now an official partner of AWS (listed on their marketplace, check out the full product description) and Salesforce.

The key challenge for the next few months is accelerating the speed of growth of the business, with the new sales team.

What excites you the most about building a company in general and this company in particular?

The founding team loves having the freedom to build something game-changing. Astran has the potential to really change the cloud business for the next decade. 

How do you see the company in 8 to 10 years? 

They can see themselves rigging the IPO bell.

What is the best way to contact someone in your team and become a user?

Just shoot us an email to

How can we stay updated on your journey? (newsletters, social media, other channels)?
You can follow the company Linkedin and Yosra Linkedin.