Contrast is a platform for video creation and broadcasting. Think of a merger between Zoom and Loom.

How would you best describe your company/business in a few words?

Contrast allows any employee, regardless of position and experience, to create high-quality and interactive content that drives business growth. Think of Canva for Webinars.

Can you briefly introduce the team?

Tim, CEO, worked in product for 10 years, started in Silicon Valley (finance background but worked on consumer app, then Skyscanner), leading company & ops

Salim, CTO, worked in tech for 20 years. Started to work with a nuclear physicist, then became the head of engineering at Qonto.

Karim, head of engineering, product-minded engineer, Youtuber to explain tech and solo-preneurship, worked at Algolia, Aircall

Luke , product manager by trade, does a lot of product marketing as well. Bring the voice of users to the company. N16

The team consists of 12 talented individuals, primarily engineers, distributed across France, Portugal, Italy, and the UK.

Can you elaborate on what the solution does? Why does your solution matter?

Video is increasingly dominating our lives, with users now expecting to be communicated with through this medium. However, companies still struggle with the format due to the complexity involved in producing high-quality content.
Initially, Contrast built the studio where anyone, regardless of experience or specific skills, can create branded, visually appealing, and interactive content. Then, they enhanced the experience by adding features such as clip integration and script generation. Finally, they provided tools that integrate with CRM systems and enable data analysis.

And why today? 

Video has become a dominant force in our lives, and with high-quality cameras in smartphones, practically everyone has the capability to create stunning videos. However, when it comes to webinars and calls, the output is frequently of lower quality. This discrepancy is crucial because when video quality is poor or fails to engage, it often results in the loss of the audience's attention.

Can you tell me where the idea came from?

All of the founders were involved in launching new companies and collectively experienced a lack of adequate tools for creating effective webinars to promote their businesses and solutions. Recognizing this, they believed there had to be a better way to do it. The gap between the available tools and their expectations was substantial

Can you mention a couple of clients and how they are using your product?

Census: It’s a data company with massive clients (Microsoft, Google, Notion, Figma, etc.). They are holding public webinars, inviting key thought leaders with 1:1 interviews. They are also hosting a very large virtual event called Consensus, like a mega event but online, using Contrast for lead generation and thought leadership.

Getaround: they host events for people who are already car-sharers so people can share their difficulties so they can improve their product. They are doing different channels for each geography.

Doctrine: they use Contrast to manage their middle of funnels trough webinars for lawyers, as a lead generation tool.

Can you tell me about some achievements you’re super proud of and challenges your’re meeting?

Achievements: keeping an A-team for two years, very good retention compared to their industry benchmark.

Challenges: it's challenging to predict exactly how AI will be integrated into video and what form it will take. While it's certain that videos will be enhanced by AI, the key issue lies in how to best incorporate tools that genuinely solve problems. The focus should be on adding value, rather than simply increasing the volume of videos generated or incorporating non-essential elements, which is a big topic in the field.

What excites you the most about building a company in general and this company in particular?

In general: day-to-day problem-solving. It’s always moving - figuring out the problems, choosing what to focus on and maximizing leverage. Decisions make changes - so strategy is key.

Seeing the rewards when you make the right decisions, and how decisions accumulate.

For Contrast in particular: building something that people really want to use and enter into their lives is super rewarding. Tech is changing super quickly - putting overlays was already hard 2 years ago, now you can do so many more things and there are always new struggles to make the tech work.

How do you see the company in the long run (8 to 10 years?) 

Contrast has become the go-to solution for companies in all aspects of video production, serving as first, second and third stop when it comes to video creation. It democratises the ability to produce videos, making it accessible to any employee, not just specialists. This empowerment enables effortless video creation, almost as simple as typing, ensuring an authentic and comprehensive insight into companies from the inside out.

What is the best way to contact someone in your team and become a user?

First, you can sign up for free on the website.
Second, you can directly contact Tim on LinkedIn, he is responsive and open to discussions.

How can we stay updated on your journey? (newsletters, social media, other channels)?

You can follow their social media and subscribe to their newsletter