Jimini is an AI copilot for legal research, drafting and document analysis. Think of a ChatGPT for legal professionals.

Can you briefly introduce the team?

Raphaël Arroche (CEO): 3rd-time start-up founder, Raphaël is a multi-entrepreneur and has notably led the growth of a Legaltech gathering 7% (5000+) of France's lawyers.

Stéphane Béreux (CTO): Graduate of Polytechnique in Data Science, Polytechnique Alumni Research Award, Stephane also serves as Secretary of the X-IA organisation, bringing together over 1000+ Polytechnique alumni in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Stephane and Raphaël met at Entrepreneur First, a prestigious start-up program investing in exceptional individuals to build startups from scratch (EF start-ups now worth >$10B).

Can you elaborate on what you do? 

50% of a lawyer's work is based on tedious, repetitive and low-value-added tasks. The methods legal professionals have used until now to perform these tasks have become obsolete in view of the latest advances in GenAI. 

Jimini AI offers a vertical approach of genAI applied to the legal industry with a strong European DNA. Think of it as a sparring partner for legal professionals (like Jiminy Cricket for Pinocchio). We are building an AI copilot, drawing on the latest advances in generative AI, to automate legal research, document review and drafting tasks. They include firms' proprietary data, enabling them to leverage their expertise. 

Why does your solution matter?

Legal professionals are running out of time. By automating the less critical aspects of their workload, such as routine research and document analysis, Jimini.ai free lawyers and in-house counsels to concentrate on strategy and negotiation. The solution not only empowers individual practitioners but also enables law firms to scale their operations and standardise expertise across their organisations.

And why today? 

Latest advances in GenAI, but also the legal open data movement, made Jimini AI possible and constitutes a real 'game-changer' for the industry. In addition, legal data is a world that is both highly "written" and "structured", making it the perfect field of application for GenAI. 

Can you tell me where the idea came from?

Raphël, the CEO, has been working for 4 years with law firms of all sizes, making him realize how much of lawyers' work was based on tedious, time-consuming tasks that could now be easily automated. Yet, a generalist tool like chatGPT wasn’t meeting their needs; a vertical GenAI tool tailored for legal professionals and dedicated to their productivity seemed obvious to him.

Can you mention a couple of clients and how they are using your product?

We are working with a limited and selected number of top European law firms to pilot the solution. Gide Loyrette Nouel was one of our first partners, with several dozen French and European law firms currently on waitlist.

What excites you the most about building a company in general and this company in particular?

Transforming an industry with the latest technologies presents a particularly exciting challenge. From a technical standpoint, this endeavour is a significant research topic. They are confident that such game-changing innovations will immensely benefit the entire legal industry and, ultimately, the end customer. By simplifying and enhancing access to legal services, these technologies promise to make legal assistance more efficient, accessible, and effective.

How do you see the company in 8 to 10 years? 

Jimini will be a leader in Europe and a key player in enabling law professionals to embrace the AI revolution, contributing to the transformation of their business models. 

What is the best way to contact someone in your team and become a user?


How can we stay updated on your journey? (newsletters, social media, other channels)?

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