Lettria, code-free AI platform that helps organizations turn unstructured text data into intelligent decisions. Think Dataiku tailored for text.

How would you best describe your company/business in a few words?

Lettria is a code-free AI platform that helps organisations turn unstructured text data into intelligent decisions. Think Dataiku tailored for text.

Can you briefly introduce the team?

Charles Borderie, CEO: born and bred in startup-land. From early Parisian tech ecosystem (including mentoring at The Family) to Lettria.

Marian Szczesniak, CRO: former journalist, turned data scientist. In charge of everything related to R&D, which is a large scope at Lettria, gathering teams of data science and linguistics.

Victor de La Salmonière, CTO: has been coding forever - under 30 years old, with more than 15 years of experience.

Can you elaborate on what you do? 

Lettria helps organisations turn text into knowledge. Any organisation, from startups to big corporations, can map all their text data sources, both internally and externally, and extract valuable insights. This includes analysing sentiments in customer reviews, extracting key information from contracts, and enriching CRM systems with data from sales calls, among other capabilities.

The platform is collaborative, designed to bring together both data scientists and business experts. Its comprehensive framework supports the entire data processing pipeline, from data ingestion to deploying customised models in production. 

Why does your solution matter? And why today? 

Building on the momentum created by technologies like ChatGPT, Lettria advances the field with its comprehensive text-processing platform. It’s private, open-source and no-code.

Since the advent of large language models, there have been growing concerns regarding explainability in AI. Lettria addresses this by helping organizations fine-tune their own models to optimise performance, maximise privacy and ensure explainability.

Can you mention a couple of clients and how they are using your product?

Lettria is versatile, serving both startups and large corporations. Interestingly, some clients use Lettria’s product across three different teams for distinct use cases.
For exemple, La Poste Group leverages Lettria to analyse every phone call and enrich their CRM system. Additionally, they utilize the platform to analyze Google MyBusiness reviews, detecting sentiments and topics, to gain deeper insights from their customers. Currently, they are also developing their own chatbot with Lettria’s technologies.

Can you tell me about some achievements and challenges your’re meeting?

The team has grown from 3 cofounders to a core group of 22 talents in data science, computational linguistics, and software engineering. 

Currently, the company is focusing on its go-to-market strategy, actively seeking the most effective ways to leverage the current heightened excitement surrounding AI.

What excites you the most about building a company in general and this company in particular?

Building a company presents daily challenges that require the continuous acquisition of new skills, both hard and soft. This is particularly crucial for deep-tech companies, where leaders must strike a delicate balance between allocating resources to sales and marketing, and continually investing in R&D to maintain technological leadership.

How do you see the company in 8 to 10 years? 

Helping every organisation go from ideas to ready-to-use solutions in 10 clicks, without having to hire any data experts.

What is the best way to contact someone in your team and become a user?

You can go to app.lettria.com and sign up for free. If you need to talk to an expert, you can shoot an email to hello@lettria.com

How can we stay updated on your journey? (newsletters, social media, other channels)?

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